Our services

We offer a wide range of technical and commercial support services to our customers across the UK.

These include:

  • Sourcing and supply of aluminium in roll or sheet form
  • Supply of samples of raw or white painted aluminium
  • Supply of samples of advanced coatings and finishes on aluminium, copper and steel
  • Cutting and slitting of aluminium or steel roll, sheets and blanks
  • Aluminium anodising
  • Lacquering of aluminium sheets in a choice of specification
  • Subcontract metal processing and on-site storage of materials

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If you’re looking for fast, professional product samples to help you design or plan your next project, or simply to evaluate the performance of our advanced coated metals, then get in touch.

Cutting & slitting

We’ve a full in-house metal cutting and slitting service in the UK, so can provide a comprehensive choice of standard and bespoke sheets, blanks and shapes.

Subcontract metal processing specialist

Our subcontract metal processing team can manufacture custom and standard high-quality slit coil and blanks using aluminium or steel supplied by you. To reduce lead-times, we can also store your materials at our site.

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Contact us with your request and our UK team will be happy to help.
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