Aluminium and metal surfaces specialists

We design, develop and manufacture specialised coated metal surfaces. Our coated metal surfaces include decorative, reflective, solar absorber, UV reflective, and antimicrobial finishes that are used in applications around the world from decorative interior and exterior architectural surfaces to UV-C reflector applications, automotive and appliance trim plates and badges.

As well as raw and anodised aluminium, we supply painted, lacquered and PVD treated metals in coil or sheet form and also offer quick turnaround metal processing.

If you are looking for an aluminium or coated metal specialist in the UK, we deliver a fast and reliable, customer-focussed service from our central location in Milton Keynes, UK, supported by our advanced manufacturing facilities in Germany.

Our Expertise

Alanod Metal Surface Effects

Specialised metal surfaces

Whether you are looking for a robust, functional decorative surface that can cope with tough environments, reflective surfaces that make an aesthetic statement or a combination of the two, we know we will be able to help you find the perfect metal for your project. We also offer solar absorber, UV reflective and antimicrobial surfaces and finishes.


Aluminium is a versatile metal that is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. We are anodised aluminium specialists and have been surface treating aluminium for over 40 years.

We supply coil and sheet aluminium that is Anodised, Painted, PVD coated, Lacquered and Raw.

Metal processing

As part of our UK service mix, we offer a comprehensive range of metal processing including metal cutting, metal slitting or rotary shearing and metal blanking.

We can either slit and cut from our own stock or, with your materials, on a subcontract basis. We can also offer a stock-holding service, with orders for UK deliveries to tight deadlines.

Burj Kalifa, Dubai

Alanod is proud to have supplied the solar absorber material used in the flat-plate collectors installed as part of the hot water production system at the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world. SOLE s.a. is a solar water heater company in Dubai that installed the system.

Let’s design and develop your products together!

We have customers in over 100 countries that rely on our comprehensive service and the rapid delivery of our products.

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