Specialised anodised and advanced metal coatings

We are UK and world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of specialised coated metals, including aluminium with copper, and in the supply of standard and customised aluminium materials; these include prepared, anodised, lacquered and PVD treated surfaces.

Our anodised aluminium and advanced coated metals are used in applications around the world, from decorative interior and exterior architectural finishes and antimicrobial surface coverings, to automotive and appliance trim plates and badges.

Located centrally in Milton Keynes, UK, we offer a fast and reliable, customer-focussed service, supported by our advanced manufacturing facilities in Germany.

Our Expertise

Our expertise covers many different sectors of industry. To learn more about our product technologies and how they can help your business follow the links below.

Unanodised & painted aluminium

A range of aluminium materials in rolls and sheet, rectangular and square, each with a choice of surface finish. These can include white painted and white rolled aluminium, in thicknesses of 0.3 to 1.0mm, available from stock for fast delivery in the UK.

Decorative metal finishes

Anodised and coated metals for a wide range of decorative applications. A choice of high-gloss or matt, with a stainless steel or copper appearance, with the options of one or two-sided primers as an adhesive base for composites or over-printing.

Reflective metals

A wide range of standard high-quality, anodised aluminium with specialised coatings including: reflective matt and gloss, brushed, coloured, scratch-resistant, anti-static and paintable. All available with an extensive choice of surface characteristics.

Solar capture metals

Advanced aluminium and copper materials with exceptionally high thermal absorption and low emissivity properties. Available with various options, offering excellent stability and resistance to moisture and other contaminants.

Antimicrobial metal surfaces

Innovative copper foils with self-adhesive backing that are designed to protect surfaces from bacteria and viruses. Available in roll or this sheet sheet form with an anodised aluminium base for optimum stability and handling.

Ultraviolet reflective metal surfaces

Specialised long-life reflectance materials for use with UV-A/B and UV-C light sources in disinfection and sterilisation systems. Available in a wide range of sizes, all with exceptionally high reflectance for optimum system performance.

Services for our UK customers

Our expertise covers many different sectors of industry. To learn more about our product technologies and how they can help your business follow the links below.

Samples of coated metals

If you’re looking for fast, professional product samples to help you design or plan your next project, or simply to evaluate the performance of our advanced coated metals, then get in touch.

Metal cutting & sheeting

We’ve a full in-house metal cutting, slitting and guillotining service in the UK, offering a comprehensive choice of standard and bespoke sheets and blanks.

Subcontract metal processing specialist

Our subcontract metal processing team can manufacture custom and standard high-quality slit coil and blanks using aluminium or steel supplied by you. To reduce lead-times, we can also store your materials at our site.

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