Solar absorber coatings and surfaces

We manufacture a wide range of highly advanced absorption coatings, which are available on a choice of metal substrates. These offer unique combinations of thermal or solar energy absorption, with extremely low thermal emissivity.

Selective absorber coatings for aluminium or copper strips

As a leading solar absorber surfaces specialist in the UK and across the globe, our thermal absorption surfaces have been fine-tuned over the years to offer industry-leading absorption performance. Our selective absorber coatings have solar absorption rates of up to 97% and emission rates as low as 4%. This is all backed by a 10-year outdoor material warranty.

eta Plus®

eta plus® is our semi-finished product for solar thermal systems and is used in absorbers for flat-plate collectors with full-surface or strip absorbers, in tube collectors as well as in air and large-scale façade collectors. In addition, it facilitates the production of high-performance collectors for solar cooling and the generation of process heat. eta plus® achieves a very high solar absorption of 95% – combined with a very low thermal emissivity of just 5%. Based upon an aluminium or copper strip, the innovative absorber layer system is applied using a continuous PVD method in a worldwide technologically unique air-vacuum-air process.


Our special mirotherm® coating is ideal for solar thermal systems and absorbs both direct sunlight and diffuse radiation. Based upon an aluminium strip, an innovative three-layer absorber system is applied using a continuous PVD method in a worldwide technologically unique air-vacuum-air process. Whilst the IR reflective layer ensures low thermal emissivity, the oxide absorption and antireflection coatings provide maximum solar absorption and resistance to external influences. In addition, mirotherm® has a laser-weldable anti-corrosion coating.

mirosol® TS

mirosol® TS is the ideal material for solar thermal systems installed in regions with high solar radiation. During the manufacture of mirosol® TS, a selective, hydrophobic lacquer is applied to aluminium in a specially developed process.

This means that for the first time, in addition to PVD coatings, lacquers using the coil coating method are now also available for solar thermal collectors.

mirosol® TS is unique thanks to its high resistance to heavy environmental pollution, salty air, moisture, condensation, oil and dirt as well as a low stagnation temperature.

mirotherm® Control

Developed on the basis of our best-selling and established coating mirotherm®, mirotherm® Control offers all the advantages of the proven system: solar absorption up to 96 %, highest product quality, resistance to external influences such as moisture and integrated protection against overheating.

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