Metal processing services

As one of the UK’s leading metal cutting companies, we have a comprehensive metal slitting, or rotary shearing, and cutting facility. We can either slit and cut from our own stock, or with your materials on a subcontract basis.

In each case, we work to the highest quality standards, with a 100% finished product inspection, and to the tightest tolerances, with a professional packing service to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

We can also offer a stock-holding service, with orders for UK deliveries to tight deadlines.

Why subcontract your aluminium and steel processing?

Customers who choose to use our metal cutting and metal slitting services benefit from the expertise of our specialist team that has over 200 years’ experience in the metal fabrication industry.

Knowledge and expertise of the Alanod team

Superior quality of your finished product

Bespoke capabilities

Rapid turnaround time within days of your order

Flexibility and choice of material supplier

Increased capacity to supplement your own production capabilities

On-site storage facility for your materials

Steel and Aluminium Processing Supplier in the UK

ALANOD Aluminium Coils and Aluminium Sheets


We do it all – anodised, painted, PVD coated, raw, white and lacquered aluminium. We began our business as an aluminium coil manufacturer in the 1970’s and have built our business on partnering with our customers to give them cost-effective, quality solutions every time.

Quality guaranteed

Our specialised range of coated, anodised and lacquered metals, for use in many different applications, together with our manufacturing processes, are fully approved to all major quality standards. Our Quality Management System is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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