Antimicrobial metal surfaces & coatings

It’s widely recognised that materials such as copper and silver can play an important role in preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses. 

In particular, it is proven that copper is an extremely effective antimicrobial material, capable of inactivating or killing bacteria within a short space of time.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has focussed attention on the risk of transmission from person to person via contact with contaminated surfaces. As a result, we have developed an innovative new copper coated aluminium material, which is ideal for use in many different applications, from healthcare to retail.

Antimicrobial surface covering
Antimicrobial surface covering

Antimicrobial copper foil

MIRO® CU is manufactured using an advanced physical vapour deposition process (VPD), creating a molecular bond on a thin anodised aluminium substrate.

MIRO® CU is available as a thin foil, just a few millimetres in thickness, with a self-adhesive backing, making it the perfect choice to cover anything from counter tops and light switches, to door push-handles, desks and work benches.

Research carried out by the independent laboratory, Eurovir®, has demonstrated that MIRO® CU is highly effective against coronaviruses. In tests, MIRO® CU reduced the presence of the virus by 99.97%.

MIRO® CU can be supplied for use by OEMs or in roll and sheet form for use by end users. It can easily be cut to shape using a sharp knife or scissors. The material is ideal for many different applications. In retail, for example, in can be used to protect checkouts, fridge counters and Amazon pick up points. In hospitality, it can be applied to counter tops, tables and food service areas. In offices, it can also be used as a protective film for light switches and elevator push buttons, while in transport centres it can be used to protect passengers in high traffic areas.

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