Reflective metal surfaces

We’ve developed what is perhaps the most comprehensive choice of reflective metal surfaces and materials available from any supplier. These are based on over 40 years of experience in working with customers from across industry, and on our significant and ongoing commitment to research and development into new materials and production processes.  They are ideal for a wide range of applications, from building design and construction, to solar collectors.



We offer a wide range of standard high-quality, anodised surfaces with a choice of special characteristics: reflective from matt to gloss, brushed, coloured, scratch-resistant, antistatic and paintable. These characteristics are complemented by a wide variety of surface properties.


Whether matt or gloss, all MIRO® surfaces feature a total light reflection of 95% and will meet all expectations when used as specified. We offer isotropic and anisotropic reflection characteristics with different amounts of diffuse or directed reflection, plus different degrees of gloss finish.


With a total light reflection of 98%, MIRO-SILVER® available with a choice of surface finishes from high gloss to matt with isotropic or anisotropic reflection characteristics, dark-light effect or ergonomic intrinsic density of the reflector material.


Our MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® DESSIN materials for reflectors offer a variety of structured surfaces, with a total light reflection of 93% to 97%. Due to the neutral colour reflection, all DESSIN products are ideal for all types of light with TL, HID or LED technology, regardless of their spectrum.


MIRO-SUN® provides approximately 95% total light reflection and has been developed specifically for outdoor use. Anodised coils are given a highly reflective coating (MIRO®) in a continuous air-vacuum-air PVD process and then protected with a nanocomposite. MIRO-SUN® offers 90% solar reflection and 95% total light reflection and is ideal for use in tube collectors (CPC), parabolic trough power plants (CSP), micro parabolic troughs (CST), concentrator photovoltaics (CPV), solar cookers and heliostats.


The MC-PCB material MIRO® CoM was specially developed for the LED baseplate industry and combines a reflection behaviour adapted to white LEDs with the optimum material hardness. With 95% and 98% reflection, MIRO® CoM allows the efficiency of LED modules can be significantly inproved. Specific lacquer systems for electrical insulation or for high thermal conductivity on the front and/or rear are also available upon request.

MIRO White®

MIRO White® provides the highest possible reflectivity, with excellent light diffusion, making it perfect for use with LED technology. MIRO White® is designed to scatter LED light and provide and improve light output and efficiency. MIRO White® high-reflectance Lambertian aluminium and steel provides maximum luminous efficacy and uniformity. It can be used as either a high-efficiency diffuse reflector and fixture housing and/or wire-way cover. MIRO White® composite reflectors and fixture housings allow improved lighting efficiency in large LED lighting designs and linear fluorescent fixtures.

Decorative Metal Surfaces

Our decorative metal surfaces offer exciting design solutions for both internal and external applications.


From anodised, lacquered and painted to PVD coated, raw and white – we do it all.

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