A world leading aluminium supplier since 1975

We do it all - anodised, painted, PVD coated, raw, white and lacquered aluminium

From the global pandemic and skills shortages to a rising demand for domestic manufacturing and supply chain re-evaluation, metal fabricators are juggling a whole host of issues. Despite all of this, one thing remains the same … customers still want their products as quickly as possible!

Based in Milton Keynes, we are one of the leading aluminium sheet suppliers in the UK and we specialise in helping metal fabricators get the right product as quickly as possible. Whether it is pre anodised or pre painted aluminium sheet.

We began our business as an aluminium coil manufacturer in the 1970’s and have built our business on partnering with our customers to give them cost-effective, quality solutions every time. 

We have processed more than 10,000 tonnes of aluminium, so far!

We stock all types of aluminium

Anodised Aluminium

As a leading supplier of anodised aluminium in the UK we stock and can process a wide range of anodised aluminium sheets and coils and hold stock of various anodised aluminium surfaces, including mirrored bright sheet and satin mill finish for the High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) markets.

Painted Aluminium

As a painted aluminium supplier, we stock a variety of both white painted aluminium coils and painted aluminium sheets in gauge ranges between .016 and .063, enabling quick order fulfilment, no matter the specification.

PVD Aluminium

We have developed our PVD coating technology to provide some of the highest of reflective levels on aluminium surfaces. Our Miro® PVD aluminium coating features a total light reflection of 95%, whether the matt or gloss finish is used.

Raw Aluminium

As a highly experienced aluminium supplier in the UK, we place a priority on speed of service. That is why we maintain inventories of a wide range of pre anodised and pre anodised painted aluminium coils and sheets, including 3003, 3105, and 5052, to name a few.

Lacquered Aluminium

Durability is key for metal applications and lacquered aluminium is ideal for helping reduce corrosion and oxidation. Over the years, we have developed a range of opaque and translucent aluminium coating lacquers that not only protect the surface properties of our coated metal materials but allow stunning decorative finishes to be achieved. We have even developed an antimicrobial lacquered aluminium for high-risk areas.

White Aluminium

Sometimes applications, such as LED technology, require not only high reflection, but high light diffusion as well. With this in mind our Miro White® painted aluminium sheet is designed to reflect and scatter LED light, improving efficiency ratings. As well as white painted aluminium, we also offer Miro White® in steel.

Benefit from our 45 years of experience.

We supply high quality aluminium and cost-effective metal processing services.

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