Back to basics – Aluminium Stockholding and Thicknesses

Back to basics – Aluminium Stockholding and Thicknesses

Since the Danish physicist – Hans Christian Ørsted – discovered aluminium back in the 1800’s, the versatility of this flexible and lightweight metal has made it the material of choice in many manufacturing settings.

Its popularity has also proved something of a double-edged sword, particularly as the effects of a global pandemic, Chinese carbon emission reduction activities and the rise of gas prices across Europe have begun to be felt. As a result, there have been stories of insufficient aluminium and demand outstripping supply in both the short-term and longer-term too.

As an aluminium stockholder in the UK, Alanod’s product supply has not been an issue for the company. Thanks to being a commercial grade aluminium stockholder for larger customers and having a stockpile of more popular anodised aluminium thicknesses, both are available for smaller and larger volume users.

Available thicknesses
Alanod UK holds standard stock of anodised aluminium from 0.3mm – 1mm in a range of silvers, colours and surface finishes. In addition, other thicknesses can be sourced from Germany, with 0.1mm and 0.2mm semi-specials available from Alanod group, along with 1.0mm and 1.2mm silvers, colours and surface finishes.

1.2 – 2mm commercial grade aluminium is also available from Alanod UK. It is ideal for general machining and jobbing applications such as back plates, aluminium non-decorative components and structural mounting products, where a uniformed surface finish is not as important as in anodised aluminium applications.

Commercial grade aluminium stockholding
Many of Alanod’s larger customers want uninterrupted supply of their commercial grade aluminium and as such, Alanod UK undertakes volume orders and stockholds the surplus for subsequent customer requirements. This ensures that quantities of 1.2mm and 2mm commercial grade aluminium are in stock throughout the year.

Anodised aluminium stockholding
When it comes to stockholding for anodised aluminium, the main options available at Alanod UK are for interior applications. These include 0.3mm – 0.8mm and 1mm thicknesses in brushed, milled and mirror finishes, in a range of colours; with gold and brass colours always stocked in large quantities.

Alanod metal processing services
Order tailoring: As a supplier of anodised and commercial grade aluminium coils and sheets that has a long heritage of operation, Alanod is used to tailoring orders to meet a wide range of customer demands. We ensure extremely tight tolerances on rolls and slip coils with minimal edge bow for ultimate quality control, in a variety of finishes.

Precision slitting: We ensure precision cutting on all our jobs. This is essential for applications such as decorative metal trims, as up-burrs need to be avoided along the edge of the trim, as these can cause indentation and marking into the surface during bending.

Whether you are looking for anodised or commercial grade aluminium for a small or large job, Alanod is here to help.

Find out more here about Alanod UK’s range of aluminium.

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