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It might not be sexy but 1050A aluminium is everywhere we look!

There is an aluminium alloy to suit every need and one of the work horses of the aluminium world is the commercial aluminium alloy 1050A H14. Formerly designated as 1B, this alloy is popular for use in automotive, packaging, printing, HVAC, lighting, chemical and food industry equipment and many more areas, thanks to its characteristics.

These include its:

  • Very good atmospheric corrosion resistance
  • Very good workability
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity (preferred alloy 1350)
  • Attractive appearance, high reflectivity
  • Suitability for decorative anodising
  • Very good weldability
  • Low mechanical properties.i
Where is it used?

Popular for general sheet metal work, where moderate strength is required, 1050A H14 has been work hardened by rolling to half hard and not annealed after rolling. When it comes to fabrication, it has excellent weldability for arc, gas, and resistance formats, and is also ideal for soldering and brazing.

Here are some of the places you are most likely to see this popular metal:

In the office

  • Ideally suited for trunking, internal cable management systems and PCB board manufacturers, it has high electrical conductivity and is lightweight yet impact resistant.
  • It can be seen on exterior flashing, cladding and rainscreen manufacturers thanks to its corrosion resistance and malleability.
  • Look up! Aluminium lighting fixtures are more durable than those made with comparable materials.

In industry

  • As an affordable, food-grade metal it is widely used in the food industry for low-acid and low-salt food containers (or with an appropriate coating for more salty or acidic contents).
  • Certain chemicals can be stored in it without risk of corrosion, so it is a popular storage and transportation container material in the chemical industry.

Alanod can provide 1050A H14 sheets, rolls, and blanks in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, depending on the application. Why not contact us to find out how we can help you with this popular alloy?

For more information about Alanod’s commercial aluminium services or for technical advice, get in touch.

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