Managing the unmanageable in 2021 and beyond

2021 has been a year of mixed emotions for us all, personally and in business. When it comes to being an aluminium sheet supplier in the UK and across the world the challenges have been many. Here is a brief overview of what we are all facing in the industry and how we, here at Alanod UK, are minimising disruption to ensure continuous supply of our aluminium sheets, coils and rolls.

Rising demand for aluminium
With many countries encouraging spending during the pandemic both goods consumption and construction was boosted in 2021, and alongside this, there has been an increased focus on aluminium-heavy green technologies. However, at the same time, China – the largest global producer of aluminium – has been curbing output to conserve electricity and cut emissions. All of this has led to aluminium supply uncertainties and metal cost increases.

Rising peripheral costs
It isn’t just those wanting to build a house extension or an office block that are experiencing the increase in cost of raw materials! Everything from sticky tape and pallet-wood to electricity and gas, has risen in price. Adding to this the continued additional admin costs of Brexit and the juggle of the end of the UK Government furlough scheme and every manufacturer is reviewing their production, staffing and stock levels at present.

As a supplier of unpainted and anodised aluminium sheet, coil, rolls our business is based on our service reputation. To ensure a continuous service is maintained to customers, we have created sufficient metal supply commitments from suppliers, in addition to existing stock inventories of unpainted and anodised aluminium, to ensure there is no disruption in supply throughout 2022. Also, to manage increasing metal and peripheral costs, we are working with customers to mitigate the impact of aluminium price rises on a case-by-case basis.

2022 looks set to have its fair share of challenges for the entire metal fabrication industry. However, with forward planning and co-operation along the supply chain, here’s hoping that the unmanageable is, well….more manageable in 2022!

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