Metal processing services + partnership = flexibility

Metal processing services + partnership = flexibility

We have all experienced the effects of country and market turbulence recently. This has led to many manufacturers looking at new ways of working. Here at Alanod, we are helping our painted, anodised, coated and commercial grade aluminium sheet and roll customers to increase their flexibility and enhance resilience.

Here is an example of the benefits that one of our customers is experiencing thanks to working with us:

Increased flexibility at a competitive price

To build more flexibility into their production of floor trunking units, they wanted to add a metal cutting company to their current supplier base for the insulation panels inside the trunking. The need was for a metal processing service that offered a bespoke stock and cut service, with competitive pricing.

We have been able to offer them 0.4mm thick sheets of 1050 H14 commercial quality aluminium in 20 tonne deliveries on a rolling contract. The commercial grade aluminium is sourced from two trusted suppliers to ensure consistently high-quality metal at the most competitive price, enabling them to meet production needs cost-effectively.

Reducing fabrication in house saves time and money
To reduce the amount of fabrication done on site, they were looking for an aluminium sheet metal supplier who could offer flexibility of sizing as needed. As part of the agreement, bespoke sizes are cut to suit requirements. This has significantly reduced their need for further fabrication on site, saving them both time and money. Also, by partnering with us, we have been able to assess their needs and suggest metal cutting solutions that save them the most money.
Increasing speed of response

To become more responsive to customer demands, they needed to access stock when needed and free up their fabrication team onsite. By outsourcing the cutting of the aluminium sheets to us here at Alanod, they can now respond even more quickly to customer demands.

We also offers a stock holding service to customers, giving them the ability to have their material stored and ready to cut and transport as and when needed.

The Alanod offering

Here is what is on offer for those looking to increase flexibility and speed of response, whilst reducing in house costs:

  • Aluminium sheets and blanks – sheets measure over 1 metre in width and 2.5 metres in length and blanks are around 400mm square or smaller. They are created following the pressing and rolling of aluminium under high pressure.
  • Aluminium coils – they come coiled around a hollow cylinder and, depending on the application, the roll can be pre-painted, heat treated etc. Coils are highly durable, and they are used across a wide range of industries.
  • Tailored orders – to meet a wide range of customer demands, we ensure extremely tight tolerances on rolls and slip coils, with minimal edge bow, for ultimate quality control.
The Alanod Offering

For more information about our surfaces, metal processing services or for technical advice, please get in touch.

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