Antimicrobial surface covering

New flexible antimicrobial surface covering from Alanod protects employees and customers against bacteria and viruses

Alanod, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialised coated metal surfaces, has launched Miro® CU. This unique copper-coated antimicrobial surface covering is designed to protect staff and customers in retail, hospitality and beyond against the transmission of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses.

The benefits of copper in combatting the coronavirus are well-known: a study by The New England Journal of Medicine showed that SARS-CoV-2 was able to retain surface stability on stainless steel and plastics for up to 72 hours but after just four hours no viable virus was found on copper.

Research carried out by independent laboratory Eurovir® has proved that Miro® CU is highly effective against coronaviruses. In tests, Miro® CU reduced the presence of the virus by 99.97%.

Miro® CU is a thin, flexible film backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive that is easy to cut and stick onto existing surfaces, enabling businesses to protect areas such as counter tops, dining tables, fixtures and fittings, POS and customer service points.

“Our unique Miro® CU surface covering allows businesses to offer a significantly enhanced level of safety to customers and employees. It’s scientifically proven to prevent the spread of coronaviruses, especially on surfaces that many people touch throughout the day, such as bar counters, hotel receptions and retail POS,” explained Stuart Tranter, General Manager, Alanod UK.

Antimicrobial surface covering

Miro® CU can be manufactured, serviced or retrofitted to surfaces that are frequent contact areas for multiple customers. In retail, for example, in can be used to protect checkouts, fridge counters and Amazon pick up points. In hospitality, it can be applied to counter tops, tables and food service areas. It can also be used as a removable sticker for light switches and push buttons, for example on hotel elevators.

With Miro® CU, furniture manufacturers can offer tables and desks that have a temporary removable surface so that, after the pandemic is over, the pieces can be returned to their original beauty.

Miro® CU is also a powerful solution where enhanced safety is requested, such as in the manufacture and servicing of pharmaceutical delivery vehicles or cold rooms. At transport terminals it can boost safety in trains, buses, metros and waiting rooms, while elevators and escalators in all locations can be defended by Miro® CU.

Copper changes its appearance with age and as a result of contact with other substances, and so, over time, Miro® CU develops a tarnish. This is a natural evolution of real copper oxides and the surface remains active against virus bacteria and other microbes.

Samples of Miro® CU are available on request to Alanod. With over 40 years of experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of specialised metal materials, Alanod offers unrivalled application advice and expertise to retail, hospitality and beyond.

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