Slitting & cutting to size

As part of our UK service mix we offer a comprehensive metal slitting, or rotary shearing, and cutting facility. We can either slit and cut from our own stock, or with your materials on a subcontract basis. 

In each case, we work to the highest quality standards, with a 100% finished product inspection, and to the tightest tolerances, with a professional packing service to ensure your goods arrive in perfect condition.

We can also offer a stock-holding service, with orders for UK deliveries to tight deadlines.

Subcontract metal processing

Customers who choose to use our metal cutting and metal slitting services benefit from the expertise of our specialist team that has over 200 years’ experience in the metal fabrication industry.

Why subcontract your aluminium and steel processing? 

  • Knowledge and expertise of the Alanod team
  • Superior quality of your finished product
  • Bespoke capabilities
  • Rapid turnaround time within days of your order
  • Flexibility and choice of material supplier
  • Increased capacity to supplement your own production capabilities
  • On-site storage facility for your materials

We can also handle pre-painted aluminium for use in the construction industry, flat rolled steel products up to 0.6mm thickness and aluminium up to 1.5mm thickness. 


Metal slitting

We have two slitting lines. A 1250mm wide Durmech slitter capable of handling aluminium up to 1.5mm and steel up to 0.6mm thickness. The maximum coil weight on this slitter is 4500 kilos.

It can produce coils of 400mm and 500mm ID (inside diameter) to tight tolerances of -nil/+0.25mm. The minimum slit width of the Durmech slitter is 30mm.

Our second slitter is a Brookes slitter which is fantastic for smaller coils and narrow widths down to 10mm. Coil IDs are 400mm and 500mm.

We have an in-house taping service on prime and reverse surfaces and we will pack your finished product to your specification on pallets or cradles.

Our slitting services include:

  • Slit coils from 10mm to 1250mm wide
  • Thickness from 0.25mm to 1.5mm
  • Other thicknesses available subject to trials
  • Coil inside diameters of 400mm and 500mm
  • Slitting tolerances to +/- 0.1mm
  • Standard and reverse knife slitting
  • In-house taping service on prime and reverse side surfaces
  • Packed to your specification on pallets or cradles

Metal cutting

Our guillotine has a 2500mm bed and is able to cut aluminium up to 600mm long and 6mm thick.

We also have a large cut to length line that can cut sheets up to 1250mm wide and 3000mm long achieving excellent flatness.

Our guillotining services include:

  • Metal guillotining up to 2.5m 
  • From 0.25mm to 6.0mm metal shearing, cut to length

Metal Blanking

Our blanking line can cut coils into small sheets from 80mm wide to a maximum of 620mm wide, thicknesses from 0.3mm to 1.5mm and lengths up to 700mm.

The coil is wound off a decoiler and passes through a Hong-Er levelling head to a BHP shear where it’s cut to length before the sheets are stacked. This fast and accurate line offers very good material shape on aluminium or steel coils.

Cut to length services lines:

  • Maximum length 3,500mm
  • All to EN tolerances
  • Fine blanking line widths from 100mm to 700mm
  • Tight tolerance blanks with control of over-flatness to customer specification

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