Subcontract metal cutting services – what to look for in a supplier

From the global pandemic and skills shortages to a rising demand for domestic manufacturing and subsequent supply chain re-evaluation, metal fabricators are juggling a whole host of issues. Despite all of this, one thing remains the same … customers still want their products as quickly as possible!

So, how can fabricators accommodate customer needs, whilst adapting to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

The need for speed?
When it comes to meeting customer demands for ever-shorter delivery times, fabricators usually have two options: to scale up the ability to fabricate on demand, which usually means increasing the automated processes used in-house, or to hold more inventory. Both of these require significant investment. However, a third option is increasingly being chosen by fabricators – partnering with a reliable metal cutting subcontractor to offer more service flexibility and, when needed, speed.

Why subcontract your metal processing?

  • Flexibility – It helps overcome in-house capacity shortfalls
  • Cost effective – Material can be purchased direct from rolling mills and metal cutting or metal slitting can be carried out by the subcontractor to exacting fabricator specifications
  • Speed – Metal cutting subcontractors can usually accommodate both large and small cutting or slitting requirements at short notice
  • Quality – The metal is processed by specialist metal cutting professionals

What to look for in your metal cutting subcontractor?
There are many companies out there offering metal cutting, slitting and guillotining services. However, when choosing who to work with:

  • Never underestimate the power of experience – ask for proof of the metal cutting and slitting jobs they routinely undertake to assess their skills
  • Look into their reputation – ask for references from other customers
  • Check their processes – who would be in charge of your job and how much influence do they have over managing any issues you might have?
  • Safety and compliance – ask for proof of compliance and reporting

How do we measure up?

Short turnaround times – we deliver high quality, consistent metal processing. Turnaround times are traditionally a few days from receipt of the initial order, however shorter timeframes can be accommodated.

Precision cutting, slitting and guillotining – our highly experienced, specialist metal cutting services place a priority on precision.

Scalable Solutions – we can process small or bulk quantities, depending on the need:

Larger slitting: the 1250 mm wide slitter is capable of running aluminium up to 1.50 mm thickness and steel up to 0.60 mm thickness. Its maximum input coil weight is 4500 kilos and coils of 400 mm and 500 mm inside diameters can be slit with tight tolerances.

Smaller slitting: ideal for smaller coils and narrow widths down to 10 mm wide (with narrower widths available subject to trial). Coils of 400 mm and 500 mm inside diameters can be slit.

Guillotining: the guillotine has a 2500 mm bed and is able to cut aluminium up to a thickness of 6.0 mm.

Larger cutting: metal can be cut to length up to 1250 mm wide and 3000 mm long, all whilst achieving good flatness.

Small cutting: coils can be cut into small sheets of a minimum of 80 mm wide to a maximum of 620 mm wide, with lengths up to 700 mm long. The flattening head also ensures very good material shape on aluminium and steel coils.

With so many benefits from working with a good metal cutting service, why not find out more about our services.

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