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The High Street Needs You! Thoughts of a Shop Fitter

The High Street Needs You – Thoughts of a Shop Fitter

In 1914, Lord Kitchener was eternally immortalised in the advertisement pointing saying ‘I want you’. In the same way that the British Army wanted to enlist recruits, the battle is on to save the UK high street. So, how can shops and hospitality outlets be fit for business when lockdown 3.0 finishes?

UV Light in HVAC Buildings

Breathing deep thanks to UV sterilisation technology

What would Sir Isaac Newton think if he could see the advancements made in reflective technologies since his use of a tin and copper alloy for the objective mirror in his first reflecting telescope? Over 350 years later, reflector technologies are ensuring a brighter future in many applications, including UV air sterilisation systems.


Aluminium – forming our future?

The first successful attempt to create aluminium happened almost 200 years ago. At the time aluminium was considered more precious and rarer than gold, however, thanks to techniques that were developed to produce it more cost-effectively, it is now one of the most versatile metals in manufacturing.

copper antimicrobial surface coverings

Have we seen the end of retail browsing thanks to COVID-19?

Although by necessity of protecting staff and customers, there has been a dramatic shift in behaviour in-store, retailers have worked hard to ensure that the ever-evolving purchasing experience is still a good one. Several changes have helped to create more COVID-19 secure shopping environments. So, how can shopfitters help retailers use the latest materials science developments to make their stores even safer?

Alanod Ultraviolet reflective metals

How UV light is being used in the fight against COVID-19

Invisible to the human eye, UV light plays a critical role in a host of physical, commercial and medical applications. As well as being used to detect forged bank notes in shops and to trigger the production of Vitamin D in the body, it has long been used to sterilise surgical equipment and food products. More recently, the outbreak of the global pandemic has raised the importance of UV’s profile in the fight against COVID-19.

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